Christmas presents for creatives. You have to ask yourself, are the skillsets of the average elf up to the challenge? Is Santa’s workshop capable of grasping the brief here? Because make no mistake, your favourite creative friends are not about to suspend their creative judgement just because it’s the season to be jolly. These people – and you’re probably one of them – are a hard-to-please bunch.

What you need is some help. So here it is. The Beck’s Be Kreativ guide to gift giving. For your creative friends and relatives. For their nearest and dearest. For you. Handpicked by Be Kreativ’s editors, there is nothing here that we don’t have our eye on, ourselves. Particularly that typographic calendar. Nice.

For the art addict

1Super special pencils, 2  642 things to draw 3 The best painting sets ever 4  Screen Printing Kit

Stipplers, splatterers, sketchers, doodlers and dabbers. Whatever the species of artist, grab one of these finds and tie a beautiful bow on it.

For the technology titan

1 Designer speakers 2 3D pen 3 Wacom drawing tablet  4 Designer coffee pot

They have to have it. And they have to have it now. Doesn’t matter if they have six things like this one already. This one is bigger, smaller, faster, slower. Betterer. Only the newest will do.

For the book buccaneer

1 Type calendar 2 Rhyming dictionary, 3 Jessica Hische book, 4  Beauty – Sagmeister and Walsh

Sure. A picture is worth a thousand words. But a book (especially when it’s a book full of amazing pictures) is worth, like, a bazillion more.

For the architecture aficionado

Frank Lloyd Wright jigsaw 2 Blueprint mug, 3 Books 4 Architecture for lego lovers

You could build something fantastic under the tree for a fan of bricks, concrete and glass with these present suggestions.