They feel the temptation to colour-code the decorations on their Christmas tree. They couldn’t abide by hanging a string of cool blue lights up beside the warm white ones. Who are these beings? They are creatives – and just like the rest of us, they need to be given presents at this time of year.

So on the grounds that you can’t have too much of a good thing, especially at Christmas, here are some more brilliant Christmas gift ideas for the more… discerning people in your life. It’s fine to buy a couple for yourself, too. Especially if it takes your mind off the fact that nothing on your Christmas tree matches.

For the design devotee

1 Gridded notebook  2 Saul Bass book  3 Magazine subscription 4 Pantone notebooks and cups

Design. It’s all around us. And it flows right through them. They live it, they breathe it. In their world, everything happens by design. We didn’t pull these gift ideas out of nowhere, you know.

For the camera clicker

1 Sunprint paper kit 2 Lessons with Annie LiebovitzBooks 4 Time lapse mount

From no-filter fans to all-filter freaks, we’ve slipped on our macro lens to take a really close look at gifts for every type of photographer.

For the art appreciators

1  Print Club London 2 Arty Phone covers 3 Eames style chair 4 Books

Stand there, take a moment, and let it sink in. We’ve hung some gift ideas that will speak to art lovers on our museum wall.