If we were asked to describe what one thing inspires and informs our work, then it would have to be travel. Our hearts are in Brighton – the beach is our favourite space in the world and the festival each May really brings the city to life – as is our studio, but we spend most of our time on the road, meeting new people, immersing ourselves in different cultures and communities, exploring new landscapes and environments. And it’s this journey that’s led to the bold, fun, geometric design for our Beck’s Beer label.

So many great artists have been part of the Beck’s Beer label legacy. We’re so happy to join their ranks. It’s been fun, going from the challenge of painting a 1,000 square metre floor space to a label no bigger than your hand. But working in canvasses of all different shapes and sizes is nothing new to us: tower blocks, rooftops, stairwells, bus stops, bendy buses, even a palace! We install a lot of site specific artworks so one week we could be in India and the next, Colombia.

The space available is what we look at first. What is possible? What elements can we introduce, like technology for instance, to create a different dimension? How far can we go with it? Beck’s was great on that one. The team gave us the freedom to take our creative journey and design wherever we liked.